Third week : tough work!

A week full was full of rich experiences !

On Monday morning Elie pealed some potatoes in the Suppenküche (amazing! Isn´t?).

Felix and Stanislaw were helping the gardener of the Minster property, in order to build a wooden composter.
Then they went to the refugee camp. It doesn't look like such a camp we could find in Calais in north of France. This one is a straight building made of hundreds of flats and rooms for all kind of refugees (from Eritrea, Syria, Togo, Ukraine,etc...). Felix and Stanislaw came to talk about renovate the praying room stand unused since years in the camp, with the help from the people who lives there if possible. This room may be used by muslims AND christians, so it´s sensitive topic.
After few talks, they went to a DIY shop to find some colors and prices.

Felix found in the shop something what he likes :D

In the afternoon we were in Stall as usually (okay let´s say we are in Stall every afternoon of the week) except ->

On Tuesday afternoon we all went to refugee camp (let´s call it the Krim camp, cause it´s located "an der Krim" Straße) again to start to paint. A resident came to help us : he´s a professional painter !

On Wednesday, work in progress... 

On Wednesday morning we helped the gardener to cut some bushes and stuff.

Before midday prayer we practiced pronunciation of polish Taizé songs :) 

Finalization and cleaning up of the new prayer room om thursday :) 

And finally we could buy the carpet and put it (after few cuts) into the room.
Feels so good ! 

The prayer of this evening was quiet unusual : for the local gospel choir is supposed to use the same room on the same hour, we decided to share and to enlighten our spiritual moment with their beautiful songs!
It was so beautiful... 

After prayer we went to the volleyball tournament to play with youngs (watch out! We are not here to have fun...).

Friday. This time Stanislaw and Felix got the joy to help in the Suppenküche : that day could be named the "onion day" :D 20 kilos of onions to pill and to cut. Surprising fact, we got no pictures from there  ;) 

Since one week, there is a man who comes everyday to our prayer : Werner. Thanks to Felix who got to talk with him in german,  we got to know him. We usually share the meal also with him. We invited him to play with us card game "knack". Then Felix had the chance to see the danish coast with Werner.
 Elie had to prepare the movie show for this evening. It´s organised by the parish for anyone who would like to come (to please to all, we got to choose a action movie). 

In the evening we realised that two of our bikes were gone... :( 

SATURDAY!!  We spent the day in the Victorian Art Festival that took place in a small village near by Rostock : Vogelsang. We went there with Renate - our guide of the Minster. This humble festival is all about one guy who buyed a 18th century castle few years ago , therefore he´s trying to renovate it and is looking for money (the ticket for the festival is quiet expensive, but we got discount because we are VIP... LOL). 

On Sunday morning, of course,  we went to the service in the Minster.  Beautiful songs there !

In the evening we were invited to a barbecue at the pastor's place. 
It´s all about talking a lot, eating and having good time together (alkoholfrei beers of course...). 

Tough week ! 


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