Fourth week - the last one...

The last week was all about impressive moments and challenges! 

Monday morning went normal: Felix helping in the Suppenküche, Elie gardening and Stanislaw preparing the prayer...

On the afternoon, our friend Werner (the permanent guest of the daily prayer) proposed to us to go to Warnemünde - see. Here comes the biopic movie!

In this time Elie was preparing stuff for music projeche may lead for the youngs of Stall. 

In the afternoon Stanisław worked in garden. 

Here comes the sun. Hop! We don`t wait and go out to enjoy. 

Wednesday morning, we got invitated to Krim to make our midday prayer in the brand new room.
And then we had lunch with the staff of the house. It seems the best way to thank us is to invit us to have pizzas!

After lunch Elie was leading music project in Stall :) It´s all about creating electro music with a simple software (FruityLoops) that had thousands of sounds and instruments easy to coordinate and mix together. Here is a short example of what we created with the young (they all love hard electro music).

In the evening we decided to go by the beach. We never talked too much about how the landscapes are beautifull there.
Oh... What a pity that photos can't give smell, the sun brings dozens of parfums to us.

Let´s introduce our friend Werner, whom helped us to carry our daily prayer!

After lunch he invited us to see Rerik - small town on the Baltic coast :) 
There were a small church from 12th century: 

The town is situated at the beginning of the peninsula:

Elie stayed in Stall to continue the music project with youngs.

Official opening of the Krim Taize Prayer!  Muslims and christians got invited to have a silent moent together (Some of them refused to properly pray together, and with women).

Great moment of communion!

We ended this day playing volleyball tournament with young people of Doberan :)

On Friday afternoon Elie organised one day more of music project in Stall :)

Before (and after ;) ) evening prayer we were playing volleyball with refugees :)

On Saturday morning in our community took place lesson of playing guitar ;)
Here is a master and his student :)

In the afternoon, we brought everything we need for a special prayer of the Saint Johannes Fest.
Waiting for key master with music accompaniment.

We celebrate this fest like we used to pray with Taize songs :)

On the end of the prayer we had to ring a bell :D
It was so cool :)

In front of the church was a small "Festmahl" : you may carry a lot of memories when we will leave, but we will carry a lot of presents also ;)

In Saturday evening, we went to the city party : TIME TO DANCE!!!

But when we were going to the party we saw something interesting :D
 Felix was calling for princess but - perhaps - she was sleeping :D

On Sunday morning Elie was preparing stuff for his trip.
And he went after service in minster.
See you Elie! :)

In afternoon Stanisław and Felix were moving their stuff too ;)

We had last common prayer (but only Stanislaw and Felix) :) 

Stanislaw went on Monday morning - at 6:30 ! - Felix decided to stay a bit longer in Bad Doberan :) 


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