The prayer

As said, we follow the Taize spirituality by praying 3 time a day. We choosed to follow the same bells call as the monks from centuries ago used to follow. It means to wake up for 8 oclock every morning for the first prayer, then 12 for midday and 6 for the evening...

At first, we used to pray in this little chapel :) Yeah, it's the Minster...


And here is the little side room we installed our stuff (if I may say). As you can see, it's beautiful ! But quiet cold if you may sit on the floor as usual, a little bit dark also ; but everybody could easily join our prayer for the cathedral is easy to find (no way) !

On Thursday 01, we had a little surprise at the beginning of our prayer : a classical band got a songpractice 2 times a week. So we had to find another place and move out.

So far, we keep this modern church as the place for our daily prayer.


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