The second week came to the end

The second week brought a lot of challenges...

Pentacost extend weekend!
(here is the Minster well much photoshopped)

Because of its magnificience, the church is the place for many concerts. On monday the 5th was a special one : futuristic organ, space guitar and crying saxophone on light effects. There are hipsters from all ages :)

Therefore our week really started on Tuesday :)
A syrian family recently moved in a village near Bad Doberan and they had to change all the furnitures (what was quiet old) from their new home. So we helped moving out a double sized bed and a big closet buyed from an other family.

Few days after, we managed to build this ******* complicated Ikea furniture. Hopefully the children were there to help us (and to play).
On wednesday were a barbecue (no way!) party organised by Stall to celebrate a new building (work in progress). The fire was more usefull to warm up than to cook (worst weather ever).

On thursday midday, after some visitors had some troubles to find the place of our daily prayer they heard about, we finally decided to create some signs.

At the evening (as every thursday) we went to the local primary school sporthall to share a nice volleyball tournament with the youngs from Bad Doberan :)

The germans are crazy about Wolkswagen Transporters.

Friday chilling in Stall, as usual.

Before evening prayer we could help to pack some stuff into the trucks on the way for Norway : the parish organise every year a summercamp for some youngs of Bad Doberan.

Once again, free concert in the Minster!

But the most important happening of the week is, no doubt, the anually "Kloster Markt". Nearly 50 sellers and craftworkers show there medieval "expertises" (woodcrafting, woolknitting, oldfashioned printing, beer brewing lol).

Nothing there was free...
But games ;)

 Beside having fun, we were there mostly to work ! For the Suppenküche opened its gates during the market : anyone could get a piece of cake and a cup of coffee - or tea - for free :)

On Saturday evening we went to the seaside again to enjoy the nice weather.
After bath and sunbath we went to the protestant church of Heiligendamm (small town by the sea) which is lost in the middle of the forest :)

From inside and during the prayer, you can hear the birds singing!

On Sunday evening we helped again the syrian family to move out the old furnitures (from the previous owner).
Like in thriftshop, many interesting things to discover! As a Polaroid camera or some headphones.
Elie is happy.

On the end of the week one of us decided to leave the community.
It is a sad news but we hope that eveything will be good for him :). 
Thank you Nikolas for your presence here! :) 


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