What we have done on the first week

The week started on a slow run, with no big works to do. But the doberaner community still needed us for the essential services.
Every day and after the breakfast, we have the opportunity to help in the local solidarity soup : the Suppenküche.
 Monday is the potatoe day : 30 kilos of potatoes are pealed and cutted for the whole week by the lovely volunteers.

Some of the vegetables come from donations. Here is Felix back from delivery from a supermarket : 200 kilos of potatoes has been given to the Suppenküche ! (Don´t worry, he managed to bring it by an other way than cycling).

But some of the vegetables come also from the solidarity garden ! We work there ("Küchengarten") on Tuesday and Thursday.

Without any religious purpose, the parish has founded a young club near by the Minster : "Der Stall". Four days a week we go there just to play and speak with the teenagers.

The parish booked a guide tour of the Minster on Wednesday! Like we said, it´s not a humble church... Full of pieces of art. Very interesting !

After visiting the floor, we  had the chance to climb to the sky to see the church´s underwear : the roof ! :) 

After the evening prayer, we went by bikes on the seaside to have dinner and chill out.

On Friday, our hosts prepared a special "welcome" barbecue! (We told you there would be more barbecues coming) : good food and very good company :)

Some of us never wast their free time and keep practicing piano ;)

On Sunday, Elie and Stanislaw were in the local catholic church. They got to meet the priest (who speaks polish) and shared a nice coffee on the "family meeting".

We can say that it was a warming up ;) 


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